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American Revolutionary War  

This guide will assist kids in researching the American Revolutionary War. Have fun reading all the tabs and learn so many interesting facts!
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The Causes of the American Revolution - Dale Anderson
ISBN: 0836859251
Includes bibliographical references (p. 46), glossary, timeline and index

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Countdown to Independence: A Revolution of Ideas in England and Her American Colonies, 1760-1776 - Natalie S. Bober
ISBN: 0689813295
Examines the people and events both in the American colonies and in Great Britain between 1760 and 1776 that led to the American Revolution.

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The American Revolutionary War - Georgene Poulakidas
ISBN: 140422680X
England's colonies in North America -- Paying the cost of war -- Trouble in Boston -- The Revolution begins-- Fighting for independence-- The Battles of Trenton and Princeton -- The Battle of Saratoga -- End of the war -- The new nation.

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How Did Tea and Taxes Spark a Revolution?: And Other Questions About the Boston Tea Party - Linda Gondosch
ISBN: 9781580136662
Publication Date: 2010-08-01
Discusses how and why American colonists protested high taxes from Great Britain by dumping tea in Boston Harbor in 1773, as well as the ramifications of their actions.



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Come All you Brave Soldiers: Blacks in the Revolutionary War - Clinton Cox
ISBN: 0590475762
Tells the story of the thousands of black men who served as soldiers fighting for independence from England during the American Revolutionary War.



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Rabble Rousers: 20 Women Who Made a Difference - Cheryl Harness
ISBN: 0525470352
Ann Lee: mother of the American shakers -- Frances Wright: passionate patriot -- Emma Hart Willard: equal opportunity educator -- Sojourner Truth: preaching truth and teaching freedom -- Mary Ann Shadd Cary: abolitionist activist -- Elizabeth Cady Stanton: revolutionary in petticoats -- Susan B. Anthony: champion of woman suffrage


"Intolerable Acts & Boston Tea Party"

Liberty Kids #1 The Boston Tea Party

Benjamin Franklin enlists the help of young people to record the happenings leading up to and during the Revolution for his newspaper the Pennsylvania Gazette. First, there is James Hiller, a patriot who tends to act before he thinks and is, at times, too quick a judge in his search for American heroes. Next is Henri, a French orphan who's only quest is for food. Lastly, a young woman named Sarah Phillips joins the team; the daughter of an ex-English general with strong views opposing slavery. Together, they travel the colonies witnessing the sacrifices made for freedom. Summary Written by Max Vaughn


"The Turtle" - Parts 1-3

The kids think they've spotted a sea monster in New York Harbor, but it turns out to be a submersible craft invented by David Bushnell. James talks his way into the first mission for the new submarine, which fails in its attempt to sink a ship but does do damage that weakens the British blockade of the harbor.


"Midnight Ride" Parts 1-3

Sarah and James travel to Boston to deliver a message to Patriot leader Dr. Joseph Warren and end up riding with the famous messengers so that they can write about it for the paper.



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Great Women of the American Revolution - Michael Burgan
ISBN: 075650838X
Publication Date: 2005-01-01
Contents Woman during wartime -- Few rights, many duties -- Home front -- Close to battle -- Soliders and spies -- Daring messengers -- War of words -- Political power

Discusses the role women played during the American Revolution, both at home and on the battlefield.

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The Black Regiment of the American Revolution - Linda Crotta Brennan
ISBN: 1931659060
The heroism of America's first Black Regiment during the Revolutionary War is well documented by author Linda Crotta Brennan. Artist Cheryl Kirk Noll complements Brennan's text with large, colorful, detailed illustrations.

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Witness the Boston Tea Party with Elaine Landau - Elaine Landau
ISBN: 0766025535
Boston Tea Party, 1773 -- Juvenile Literature

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The Declaration of Independence - David & Patricia Armentrout
ISBN: 159515230X
The Declaration of Independence -- Taxation without representation -- The Sons of Liberty -- The Townshend Acts -- The Boston Massacre -- The Boston Tea Party -- The Intolerable acts -- The First Continental Congress -- The battles of Lexington and Concord -- The Second Continental Congress -- The Declaration Committee -- The War of Independence is over -- The signers of the Declaration -- Preserving the Declaration of Independence -- Time line -- Glossary

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Paul Revere - Rick Burke
ISBN: 1403407282
Captured -- Apollos Rivoire -- Young Paul -- Silversmith -- Off to war -- Sons of Liberty -- Boston Massacre -- Boston Tea Party -- Spying -- Warning the colonies -- Off to war again -- New business -- Remembering Paul Revere.

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The Crossing: How George Washington Saved the American Revolution - Jim Murphy
ISBN: 9780439691864
Publication Date: 2010
"Presents an account of a landmark event in American history in which a future first U.S. president emerges as a military leader while working to transform a ragtag army into an effective fighting force" --From publisher

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Key People of the Revolutionary War - Patrick Catel
ISBN: 1432938975
Publication Date: 2011
Why did we fight the Revolutionary War? -- Who were the important American patriots during the Revolution? -- Who came from foreign countries to help the patriots? -- Who were the important British and loyalists during the Revolution? -- Who were the important women of the Revolution? -- Timeline -- Glossary.


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