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Preparing for Nursing School: Home

Websites and eBooks to help current and future nursing students prepare for school!

Websites and eBooks to Help Prepare for Nursing School

5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Nursing School (2018):
How to Manage Being Pregnant in Grad School (2018):
When Preparing New Nurses for Practice, Don’t Overlook the Basics! (2018):
5 Tips for Surviving an Accelerated Nursing School Program (2017):
Surviving the First Year in Nursing School (2017):
7 Expert Tips to Survive Stress and Get Through Nursing School (2016): 
8 Tips for Surviving the Stress of Nursing School (2016):
How Single Parents Can Manage A Nursing Career (2016): 
How To Survive Nursing School: 10 Essential Tips (2016):
Surviving Nursing School while Raising a Family (2016):
6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Nursing School (2015): 
Minority Nurse - 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nursing Students (2015): 
What I Wish I’d Known Before Beginning Nursing School (2015):
12 Tips for Surviving Your First Year Of Nursing School (2014):
The Complete Guide to Surviving Nursing School (2014): 
Taking Care Of You: 10 Health Tips For Healthcare Students (2014):
5 Tips to Balance Family, Work and Nursing School (2013): 
Minority Nurse - Preparing for Nursing School (2013):
The Practical Nursing Education Survival Guide (2013):
10 Ways High School Students Can Prepare for a Nursing Career (n.d.):
Balancing Work and Nursing School (n.d.):
Breaking Barriers as a Minority in Nursing - Surviving Nursing School (n.d.):
Constructive Habits For Nursing Students (n.d.):
During and After RN School (n.d.): 
How To Become A Registered Nurse: RN Programs & Careers (n.d.):
How Certified Nursing Assistants Can Prepare for Nursing School (n.d.):
The Insider’s Guide to Nursing School: How to Survive, Thrive and Stand Out When Becoming an RN (n.d.):
Nursing Students Association of New York State Survival Guide (n.d.):


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