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Podcasts: Listening to Podcasts

All about podcasts - what they are, how to listen, how to make them, and more.

Listening to Podcasts

You can listen to podcasts on iOS and Android devices, mp3 players, laptop and desktop computers, tablets, and many other devices.
On this page you will find information on getting into podcasts, what's out there, how to listen, what's popular, and more.

NOTE: not every podcast is for every listener. Be sure to look over what a podcast is about before diving in - especially if you're listening with children or other sensitive audiences.

Podcast Apps

There are lots of ways to listen to podcasts, from your phone to your computer, smart speakers and more. One of the most popular options are apps for mobile devices and computers. In addition to these apps, many podcasts and podcast publishers have their own websites where you can play episodes right from a browser on your computer, tablet or mobile device. 

Below are links to some of the most popular apps, which mobile devices they work on, and their cost. Click through to see more devices each is compatible with, including Mac & PC, smart speakers, in-car entertainment systems and more. Find even more options at (List updated December 2018). 

Podcast Rankings - What's Popular?

Most podcasts apps and podcatchers provide rankings of their most popular podcasts that you can view on their apps or websites. 

Featured Podcasts

Podcast Networks

While some podcasts are produced independently, many are produced by larger organizations, like radio companies, media organizations, and production houses dedicated to producing multiple podcasts. Below are listed in alphabetical order some of the major podcast production companies - but there are many more out there! The links below will take you to the podcasts produced by each of the organizations listed. 

Resources for Getting Into Podcasts

Best-Of Lists

If you're still struggling for where to start, turn to a best-of list! This list is sorted by the articles' publication dates.