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Podcasts: Creating Podcasts

All about podcasts - what they are, how to listen, how to make them, and more.

About Podcasting

Resources for making your own podcast, no matter how high- or low-tech you want to go.

Books about Podcasting

Special Opportunity: Google Podcasts Creator Program

Google Podcast Creator Program

"Have you ever wondered, could I make a great podcast? Apply and find out! The Google Podcasts creator program seeks to increase the diversity of voices in the industry globally and lower barriers to podcasting. Selected teams will receive seed funding and participate in an intensive training program.

The program is run by PRX, a pioneer in podcast training and education.
PRX will be accepting applications March 18, 2019 - April 14, 2019."


Helpful Links

Podcast Hosting

We don't mean how to be a podcast host - we mean where to put your podcast on the internet! For folks to be able to listen to your podcast, your audio files have to be properly stored. The resources below include both free and paid options. 

Podcasting Books for Kids and Teens