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Winter Animals: Penguin

For elementary students, grades 1 - 5.



What is a penguin?



(The left photo is the rockhopper penguins.  Image was found on

(Right photo is the emperor penguins.  Image were found on

A penguin is a bird.  But unlike most other birds, penguins cannot fly. Instead, they live mostly in the water.  Penguins are excellent swimmers. Penguins have feathers, just like all birds.  Penguin feathers are waterproof. Penguins' wings are like dolphin flippers, which are very good for swimming. Penguin chicks are hatched on land and are very fluffy.

There are no penguins north of the Equator - the imaginary line around the center of the Earth.  Penguins live in the southern half of the world, most near or on Antarctica.

There are 17 different types of penguins!   The smallest penguin is the fairy penguin which is 18 inches in height.  The largest penguin is the Galapagos penguin, measuring at 20 inches. 

From:  Penguins by Penelope Arlon

Penguin Video

Adelie penguins returning to the colony to fee their chicks.  It is a way of ensuring food is distribute to both chicks.


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Locations to Visit Penguins

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Bronx Zoo

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Penguins Crafts for Kids

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