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This guide is a resource for college students of all ages who need support while performing online research


This guide is a resource for college students (of all ages!) who need to use their University Libraries to complete assignments. You can reach out to the librarians at your school, but it is important to remember that public librarians can also help! If you find it intimidating to reach out to a librarian, hopefully, this guide can be the support you need to get started on your assignments. If you would like to speak with a librarian and get one-on-one support from the Mattituck Laurel Library, please email I am happy to set up an appointment, help you access an article, or answer any quick questions you may have. 

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Introduction to Academic Research

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The photo below is an example of a potential seminal article:  

Definition of Seminal Article: A seminal article typically contains new and important ideas that influence the work that follows that first important study


Why would this be helpful to you? 

  • It will help you find relevant information related to an important topic
  • It makes it easier to locate high quality sources
  • It helps you understand how the field has evolved over time
*You will know that it is a seminal article based on the number of citations, thousands of citations typically indicate that you have found one


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